Natterbox for Remote Workers

For enhanced communication, measurable performance, and seamless business continuity


Natterbox is supporting over 500 customers in continuing business as usual and keeping their remote workers connected.

Let Natterbox help support your business transition into a remote first workforce. 

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Natterbox can help you establish a digital workplace that enables “anywhere, anytime” work. Enabling you to streamline operations, track productivity and ensuring your customers still receive the exceptional service they expect.

Natterbox for Remote Workers allows you to:

  • Maintain business as usual by ensuring all inbound calls are routed to the correct person, at the right time, no matter your location
  • Route calls easily through Salesforce browser, Microsoft Teams or your mobile phone
  • Ensure customer experience isn’t affected by creating a seamless inbound and outbound journey for your callers including personalised IVR messages
  • Record calls for training and compliance purposes
  • Coach your team remotely with features like Listen Live 
  • Track performance through Salesforce reports and dashboards
  • Increase productivity with features like click-to-dial, screen pop, automatic activity capture and wrap-up codes
  • Support out of hours with customised voicemail messages and email notifications


  • Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Edition
  • Access to a mobile phone
  • Internet connection

Please get in touch for more information and to discuss your remote working needs.


"This week we have had to quickly adapt to having our entire front line team WFH, whilst simultaneously receiving an unplanned surge of enquiries. Our business provides care to the Elderly, so we have been working around the clock to try and help as many families as we can. Service levels have never been as critical for us. 

Fortunately, we have been able to leverage on our own technology and other services, like Natterbox & Salesforce, which have been crucial in ensuring we can all work remotely and our customers have no alteration in service. Our front line managers have found the Natterbox 'listen live' call coaching feature a lifesaver, making sure we are still developing the team even while miles apart.

- Daniel Stott, Director of Customer Success, Elder

"When the decision was taken to move our teams to remote working we were able to set up our contact centre and sales teams to be fully functional within 24 hours. This was due in no small part to utilising the flexibility of the Natterbox system. The system enabled us to continue a full service to our customers with a seamless transition from office to remote working. We still have full capability of call routing, call listening and call recording which enables us to continue to operate a full service."

- Danny Axon, Customer Support Manager, Texecom