Is it the end of the office workspace?


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A corporate office environment is no longer needed to keep employees productive. Cloud services and mobile devices enable individuals and teams to stay connected, regardless of location, and technology enables employees at all levels to work anywhere, at any time.

Establishing a digital workplace programme is an essential part of building trust with your remote teams. Encouraging employees to work when and where they are most productive, supporting your team with remote coaching, ensuring zero impact on customer service and creating a 360-degree view of all voice interactions, regardless of location, are all areas for consideration, especially when business continuity planning.

The end of the office workspace is coming. How can you ensure your organisation is ready?

Supporting teams, regardless of location is something we at Natterbox have been doing for quite some time. We invite you to talk with us to learn how we can support your team and provide them with the tools they need for enhanced communication, measurable performance, and seamless business continuity.

"Business efficiency has been massively improved since we introduced Natterbox. There are so many features available that means no matter what type of business you work in, there will be something there that can help you to improve.

The reporting functionality sits directly within Salesforce which means there’s no hassle involved and you can have phone reports sitting directly next to traditional Salesforce reports within one dashboard. The analytics alone give you huge scope to improve the way you work.

It was a big shift moving to a cloud telephony system but it has changed our business in so many ways and I can’t even remember how we functioned before!

- Sam Matharu, Head of Operations, Building Materials Nationwide